Ghetto Gaggers Charm At Ghetto Gaggers

The Ghetto Gaggers Charm Video

Let's lay down the facts about the Ghetto Gagger named Charm...
1. Charm is a new mother. She came into the studio to shoot a Ghetto Gaggers scene with her big bouncing tits full of milk. Of course Bootleg milked her like a big stupid chocolate cow. There was enough milk extracted to accompany a whole package of chocolate chip cookies.

2. Regardless of what you've heard, Charm does in fact have a very active gag reflex. She was spewing out vomit and drooling like a retard eating salt water taffy as the white cocks properly face fucked her.

3. Charm probably isn't a fan of sucking dicks after he shot this Ghetto Gaggers video. Something tells me that has to do with having her ebony face fucked as if it were a giant pussy.

4. Charm was full of shit when she said she could swallow a 12 inch rubber dildo. Big Red made sure to prove her wrong, and the whore bowl hates him for making her puke to prove his point.

5. Out of being spit on, slapped and covered in several loads of sticky white man cum, it was the pimp dust slap at the end that pissed her off the most!


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Charm Gets Facefucked
Charm Swallows A 12 Inch Dildo